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DIY 1" Magnet Base "Shoes" for RPG Miniatures

DIY Magnetic "Shoes" for RPG Miniatures #

Something simple today:

DIY magnet 'shoes'

I've been aware of the 'DM hack' of using plastic soda rings as cheap, impromptu condition markers for awhile, but recently I discovered that those rings are just about the perfect size to make a neat little addition to my DM toolkit: magboots for minis with 1" bases.

But Why? #

Two reasons, for me, anyway. Reason the first: I recently needed a way to place a mini on a vertical magnetic surface, as a player had Boots of Spider Climb and wanted to walk along a wall above some enemies. I used blue tack for this purpose, but it kept slipping and comically falling down.

The second reason you might want to do something like this is to make a decorative/annotated label for a mini. More on that in a second.

Assembly #

This is straightforward. Hotglue the plastic ring to some cardboard, or directly to some craft magnetic sheet, and trim around the ring with scissors. Make sure the jagged prongs of the ring are uppermost, opposite the magnetic bottom. The gap between the bottom of the ring and these prongs will securely hold a mini in the base, even upside-down. And you can swap minis in and out with just a little wiggling back and forth to get them seated.

Bonus: labeled bases #

If you like, you can print out a label on paper or adhesive-backed paper. Size it 10.2cm x 5mm (4" x 3/16"), perhaps with a fill color for contrast. If using paper, just hot glue the label in place:

finished DIY magnet 'shoes'