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The Parchment Paladin

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  1. DIY 1" Magnet Base "Shoes" for RPG Miniatures
  2. Display of Abstract Progress at the Table
  3. From Screen to Scroll - Prep Table-Ready Tokens in Seconds Flat
  4. Candlekeep - Keys to the Great Library
  5. Reading the Bones - Tension Dice
  6. Terrain Build- The Temple of Shadows
  7. Tabletop Trial- Old Gods of Appalachia
  8. Printable D&D 5E Initiative Tent Cards
  9. Forgotten Realms Travel Matrix - The Sea of Swords
  10. Forgotten Realms Travel Matrices
  11. Magnets all the way down
  12. RPG Achievement Badges
  13. Alternate 5e Character Sheet
  14. The Ties That Bind...
  15. SYWTBAGM Wilderness Calculator
  16. On the Use of QR Codes at the Table
  17. SYWTBAGM Running Sheets
  18. The Benefits of Print-and-Paste Terrain
  19. First Post