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The Parchment Paladin

SYWTBAGM Wilderness Calculator

Wilderness Travel Calculator

Pages 366-369 of "So You Want To Be A Game Master" detail a system for modeling wilderness travel under various conditions, across various terrain, and varying how "beaten" the path or road is between points. Usable especially in hexcrawl campaigns, but also anytime a bit more travel realism is called for (hopefully because it involves interesting player choice!).

The system Alexander lays out on those pages could be usefully captured in a simple HTML calculator, so I whipped one up: SYWTGAGM Wilderness Travel Calculator, careful to double-check the travel values.

To use it, just start entering the party's declared travel speed and start filling in options related to the terrain and conditions. The gray output area at bottom also has reminders for rules surrounding Stealth and Navigation based on the chosen pace. The HTML file has no dependencies and can be used offline, saved to whatever device you plan to have handy at the table.